Polk County Public Schools is committed to providing a safe learning environment that is free from bullying and harassment. The FAQs below provide definitions of both bullying and harassment.

Bullying and harassment that disrupts the educational setting will not be tolerated.

Students, parents, guardians, volunteers and other concerned individuals with knowledge of these incidents should submit a report in writing at the link below and/or contact the school administration immediately.

All school employees are required to report alleged violations. Reports can be made anonymously. Every reported act of bullying or harassment will be investigated and parents will be informed of the outcome.


What is Bullying?

If you’re unsure if you or your child is being bullied, the following checklist can help. All items must be answered “yes” for behavior to be considered bulling or harassment. If you answer “yes” to all items, please report the behavior immediately.

Was the behavior negative or malicious?

If you answered no: Remember that sometimes, harmful behavior is an accident or unintentional. Students need to apologize and make amends.

Did the behavior happen more than once?

If you answered no: Students may need additional instruction and direction for behavior correction.

Did the incident occur on school property, at a school event, on the school bus or at the bus stop?

If you answered no: Law enforcement should be contacted to report neighborhood conflicts or other off-campus issues.

Did the behavior disrupt the learning environment?

If you answered no: You are indicating that the student or students continue doing well academically, is attending school, and does not feel harmed or threatened, therefore student safety is not an issue.

Is there an imbalance in strength or power, or an attempt to create an imbalance?

If you answered no: Peer conflicts, competition and rivalries are normal parts of student growth and development. School staff can assist with this if necessary.

Your concerns are important, even if the behavior does not constitute bullying or harassment. Please contact your school administration, guidance counselor or teacher, or the Polk County Public Schools Bullying Prevention Team if you need additional support. Threats of physical harm should be reported to law enforcement immediately.

District Website

To view more about FAQ’s and other information, visit Polk County Public School’s website bullying information.