Chess is a strategic board game of skill for two players, played on a checkered board. Each player begins the game with sixteen pieces that are moved and used to capture opposing pieces according to precise rules. The object is to put the opponent’s king under a direct attack from which escape is impossible (checkmate). At Chess Club, we learn about the strategic rules, moves, and pieces of the game of chess. We meet for an hour after school every Wednesday except on Early Release days. You can follow @KES_Chess on Twitter for updates about meetings and see what’s happening at Chess Club. Sponsor: Ms. Guy

Students in class playing chess

In STEM Club, students are able to creatively think and complete and test different engineering design challenges. Students collaboratively work in teams to find innovative ways to solve real-life problems.

Students in class working on a stem project

Ukulele Club meets every Thursday after school. Students use a school or a personal ukulele to learn strings, chords, and notes. Each week we focus on reviewing chords, learning songs, and introducing new music. Students learn how to properly play the ukulele, work together as an ensemble, and read music. Students will also have opportunities to perform at various events. Sponsor: Ms. Brunetto

Students posing for a photo with ukeleles in hand